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projects we are proud of.

hinahina bridge demolition & approaches 2021

The demolition of the existing bridge and the formation of the new approaches, riprap and pavement surfaces and implementation of traffic management plans throughout the project.

Works involved careful planning and programming of the demolition works to ensure that the bridge was deconstructed in a methodical manner to ensure all material was recovered from the river. This was easily achieved as, the inventive Thomson team had to come up with an innovative way of deconstructing the bridge all from the existing structure and bridge abutments. This was done using only a D8 bulldozer and 120t winch, with the assistance of a 20ton excavator with a 2m diameter custom made (inhouse) concrete saw to cut the bridge into sections. Once in sections the D8 with its winches pulled each section to the land either side. Piles were also removed using this method. This demolition method gave far less impact to the waterway and environment than any other conventional method of break the bridge up in situ.

The approaches to the bridge were constructed from locally sourced material and placed by Thomson Earthmoving. All testing was done in house using our NDM and certified by Central Testing. Health and safety onsite during this project was a breeze as we work with skilled and experienced staff that understand the hazards of the work they do and are all able to mitigate/control the risks and look out for others at the same time, this project was completed following the site specific safety plan with
zero LTi’s.


The collaborative approach Thomson Earthmoving had with the main contractor, the client and the Community during time on this project reflects the reliability and dedication of the team, there to ensure that all stakeholders requirements in regard to quality, programme, safety and time were met throughout the contract works. Thomson Earthmoving strives to continue this track record with all future projects we undertake.

northlake scraper ops
wanaka 2021

Since January 2021 our two 637G Caterpillar scrapers have worked tirelessly to shift 250,0000m3 of cut to fill, topsoil strip and cut to waste for Wilsons Contracting at Northlake, Wanaka.

This project has been carried out by our skilled operators, working 5-6 days a week. The project is nearing completion with no major breakdowns (scrapers are serviced every Sunday) and no accidents or incidents.

Hanley downs subdivision & retention dam

Site construction of lots and road alignments.
This project required well graded, cohesive fill to be compacted in layers and certified to be watertight. In this case, the retention dam was designed to withstand a 1 in 1000 year flood.

41000m3 topsoil strip
31000m3 topsoil replace
25000m3 cut to fill
15000m3 bench cut for storm water main


southern hemisphere proving grounds

Test Flat Southern Hemisphere proving Grounds, Cardrona.  Redevelopment of test flats. Eight days one GPS scraper and one grader 7500m3. 


150,000m3 solid of cut to fill was completed in four months including the handling and placing of tussocks over several hundred sq meters. The contract included the handling of 100000m3 of solid rock in the time frame.

SHPG manager Shaun Gilbertson for details of work history in the Southern Alps of NZ 021476618.

Greenvale forestry

Greenvale forest road and fire break line construction 200000m3 through both pine and native forest land in a very remote location. This included the preparation of a design for the consent application process.

Ashley river bridge




Ashley Bridge replacement. Subcontracted to Concrete Structures South Island a $2,500,000 contract responsible for all tree clearing earthworks, river training and protection works, service installations and road construction. The finished road and bridge now carries ten thousand car and heavy truck movements per day. undercut and riprap placement operations Ashley bridge Rangiora 2014 using Trimble system.

This contract included the removal of some 1100 tons of carecegeic coal tar to a land fill. The bridge was taken down in eight days and some 5000 tons of concrete was removed from site and crushed for later reuse.

Porter heights ski field

Thomson Earthmoving  construction of a new lift area for Porter Heights ski field.


Porter Heights ski field 2015, included the construction of a large gabion wall and excavation of both bottom and top station areas and slope renovation works including a nineteen meter deep cut.


After years of ski area development experience Phill was involved in a redesign of both the top and bottom stationThis contract was available to invited tenderers
Approx. 90,000m3 solid of cut to fill was placed to form a new learners slope in six weeks. Final survey at Porters revealed 100,000m3 of material was handled. Storm water and the tussocks were handled to satisfaction of DOC and Canterbury Regional Council & the Porters team.

cardrona alpine resort 28 year contract

Thomson Earthmoving maintained the Cardrona Ski Resort contract for over 28 years which included but was not limited to, road construction, maintenance, major building developments, large water reservoir constructions, chair lift and snow maker installations throughout all seasons.

Construction of the original reservoir (pictured above) in 2006, a well graded, cohesive fill was required to be compacted in layers and certified along with significant subsurface ground improvements, stabilisation and drainage. We utilised mainly cut material from within the final reservoir and mostly used semi cohesive materials from the Northern / Captains end. Several m3 of peat and wet material were encountered along with the large boulders in the stockpile, many of which required drill blast operations to remove them.

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