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Under the owner-management of Phill Thomson, Thomson Earthmoving has been a top name in the industry for 30 + years. Wanaka-based Phill, started the company at 23 years of age with just an excavator a truck and a pile of optimism, 30 years later he has an impressive fleet and reputation to match, proving Thomson Earthmoving's South Island-wide reputation for quality and dependability repeatedly. 

Working with, and building knowledge of, the physical structure and substance of the earth particular to the southern regions, Thomson Earthmoving has an unparalleled understanding of its geology; how the earth responds and and behaves in relation to major structural shifts, and the machinery required for each individual job.

Along with very experienced staff and the most cutting-edge and technologically advanced industry machinery commercially available Thomson Earthmoving has the man power and equipment for every scale of project in any environment.


Do it once do it right. 

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